Speciality Web

Live Help Desk

Help has arrived. Our
live help desk software will prove that your business is
dedicated to providing top quality support. You will be able to
provide a real-time, live support or sales person experience.


Included with Live Help Desk Package:
-Real-time Live Chat
-Operator accounts
-Instant messenger interface
-Alerts/sounds when users are waiting for operator
-Operator status (Online, Offline, Away, etc)
-Can customize for sales, support, help desk, etc
-Real-time statistics


Ticketing Support

Our Ticketing
Support Package allows your IT specialists, help desk operators,
and sales personnel to easily track, monitor, and answer support
tickets. Create reliable, quick, and efficient ways for your
customers to contact your team.


Included with Ticketing Support Package:
-Create and submit, and track new tickets
-Receive email notification of pending tickets and updates
-Improve customer satisfaction
-Activity Management
-Create custom fields to meet the requirements of your business


Church Social Media

Social Media
Package designed specifically to meet the needs of a Church.
Keep your community, supporters, and congregation up-to-date
with services, events, gatherings, and other fellowships taking

Included with Church Social Media Package:
-Profile search
-Internal messaging (Mailbox)
-Profile Builder
-Photo albums
-Video sharing (Sermons, Classes)
-Facebook connect
-Congregation Networking


Standard Social Media

technology increasing everyday, its essential to stay up-to-date
on the latest internet trends. Every business must consider the
growth potential by adding social media software to their
existing website or new site. There are many creative ideas to
make sure that your business connects with its target audience.


Included with Standard Social Media Package:
-Profile search
-Internal messaging (Mailbox)
-Profile Builder
-Photo albums
-Video sharing
-Facebook connect
-Friends Networking


Directory Site

Run your own High
Powered Directory and integrate all your online links together
on the web in one place. Allow visitors to suggest a URL link,
add your favorite resource sites, and watch the traffic keep
growing on your web site.

Included with Directory Site Package:
-User Friendly
-Control Panel Management
-Manage Directory Categories and Sub-Categories
-Manage Links
-Site Submission
-Email notification
-Evaluate all submissions


Gym Social Media

Social Media
Package designed specifically to meet the needs of a Gym or
Fitness Group. The social networks created through this package
will be fundamental to build relationships with customers,
staff, supporters, and contacts to help spread the word about
your business.


Included with Gym Social Media Package:
-Profile search
-Internal messaging (Mailbox)
-Profile Builder
-Photo albums (Before and after)
-Video sharing
-Facebook connect
-Events (Upcoming Classes, Schedules)
-Friends Networking


Auto Dealership Social Media

Media Package designed specifically to meet the needs of an Auto
Dealership. Successful car dealers should be promoting their
products on the web and getting noticed. We will help you to
connect word-of-mouth advertising using Facebook, Twitter, and


Included with Auto Social Media Package:
-Car search
-Daily exposure on major social networks
-Internal messaging (Mailbox)
-Profile Builder
-Photo albums
-Video sharing
-Facebook connect
-Social Networking
-Preferences page
-Invite a friend


Real Estate Social Media

Real estate
agents and property developers rely on products and services to
help them close the deal and do so as quickly as possible. Our
Real Estate Social Media Package has been developed to increase
social networking features to attract more buyers, work with
larger numbers of agents, improve communications, improve
marketing, improve your web presence, improve professional
appeal, and ultimately increase sales.


Included with the Real Estate Social Media Package:
-Profile Builder
-Customizable Profile Status
-Real Estate Search
-Send Profile to a Friend
-Invite a Friend
-Facebook connect
-Video Chat
-Video Sharing


Project Management

The Project
Management Package provides tools for sales representatives,
managers, and executives to focus on sales, communicate with
prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep
customers happy. Every customer, every lead, every interaction,
and every opportunity is vital to keep your company running
smoothly and successfully.


Included with Project Management Package:
-Standard full content control
-Communicate with prospects, customers, leads, etc
-Share sales information
-Sales Force Automation
-Customer portal
-Secure admin backend
-Tools to track and manage contacts, leads, customers, etc.
-Tools to help you increase lead volume, sales, customer
satisfaction, etc.



Online Auction

The Online Auction
Package provides you with the software needed to run your own
online auction. No matter what auction type you are looking to
start, we can help you turn you ideas into reality.


Included with Online Auction Package:
-Buy Now purchasing
-Reserve price
-Order Fulfillment
-User feedback
-Watching list
-Email Notifications
-Auction type (Standard, Penny, Dutch, Reverse, Fundraising)
-Payment Gateways


Online Dating

If you are seeking a
fun, professional, interactive dating site, then our Online
Dating Package is for you. Make your dating site grab attention
with lots of features to engage your users.


Included with Online Dating Package:
-Social Networking
-Matchmaking system
-Music upload
-Photo and Video Sharing
-Multi-level memberships
-Virtual Gift Shop
-Profile Search
-Facebook connect
-Skype connectivity


Restaurant Website

The Restaurant
Website Package is designed specifically for the needs of the
restaurant/catering/food/bar industry. This package includes
everything you will need to establish your business on the web.


Included with Restaurant Website Package:
-Unique, creative, professional designed website
-Photo Gallery
-Online menu
-Content Management System
-Calendar of Events
-Contact Information
-Online Reservations through OpenTable
-Built-in Admin System so you can add Menus, Specials, Images,


Online Learning

Our Online Learning
Package helps your users learn the skills needed to succeed
whether it be for business, education, or other types of
learning environments.


Included with Online Learning Package:
-Classes for all levels from beginners to experts
-Highly interactive online learning environment
-Virtual classroom
-Webcast platform
-Learning Content Management System
-Learn at own convenience and pace
-Educate online 24/7
-Detailed Education scripts
-Online tests
-Online courses
-Teacher/student interaction including documentation download
and more
-Reduce training costs with e-Training materials