Internet marketing is extremely important to get your site the traffic and clientele you are looking for. Our internet marketing packages include graphics design, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), link building, video, and social media – all of which are vital to your businesses growth and success.

We recognize the overwhelming effect that social media has played in web marketing in the last couple of years, so we show you how to benefit from this new trend and increase your exposure and sales. Search Engine Optimization consists of choosing the best keywords and key phrases to target the market that you need.

Graphics Design

The graphics for your website should not only let prospects know what you do,
it should also captivate them with a a visual solution for your website. We will
use art and technology to communicate your ideas across to your customers.

Available with The Graphics Package:

  • Determine the message the design should portray
  • Determine the appeal to customers and users
  • Select colors, artwork, photography, animation, style of type, and other
    visual elements for the design
  • Select the size and arrangement of the different elements
  • Create a business logo
  • Create a magazine ad or album cover
  • Create website graphics
  • Create custom brochures
  • Create custom business card



Price: $60.00

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Content Creation

Content creation marketing is the process of providing professionally
well-written articles to encourage repeat visits to your site, and more
importantly; Sales. Keeping your content updated and fresh is also very
important in order to obtain a high ranking on the major search engines.

Included with Content Creation Marketing:

  • Relevant Article
  • Blog posts
  • Keyword rich content
  • Provide interesting content
  • Create content that is optimized for search engines



Price: $200.00

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SEO Marketing

Marketing done right, this package includes standards for your website and
bot testing. We recommend a monthly campaign of SEO services to fully realize
you website’s potential. You may have the best product on the market, but
without a SEO marketing strategy, your potential customers will never know you
exist. We are dedicated to helping you achieve more web traffic to your site.

Included with Standards SEO Marketing:

  • Research target keywords to focus on
  • Suggest top keywords to create keyword-rich content
  • Check your website’s ranking in the top search engines
  • Check your content for validation errors
  • Offer suggestions for future SEO improvements
  • Penalty Check
  • Blacklisting Check
  • Review of site’s ALT tags, ALT images
  • Review of site’s Meta titles, Meta descriptions, and Meta tags
  • Written follow-up report of our findings, problems that we uncover, and

$500/one month of SEO Marketing (two weeks of monitoring your
site and two weeks of SEO optimization and suggestion)


Price: $500.00

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Link Building

There are many factors that determine where your site will rank in the major
search engines. One of the most critical factors is link building with quality
inbound links on external sites.

Included with Link Building SEO Marketing:

  • Submit your site to relevant directories
  • Research your competitors and see who is linking to them
  • Create link friendly pages
  • Manually contact industry specific websites and request link placement



Price: $999.00

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Social Media

With technology increasing everyday, its essential to stay up-to-date on the
latest internet trends. Every business must consider the growth potential by
adding social media software to their existing website or new site. There are
many creative ideas to make sure that your business connects with its target

Included with Standard Social Media Package:

  • Profile search
  • Internal messaging (Mailbox)
  • Profile Builder
  • Photo albums
  • Video sharing
  • Facebook connect
  • Events
  • Classifieds
  • Friends Networking
  • Games
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Polls



Price: $1,599.00

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Video Marketing

Increase web traffic to your website with relevant, compelling vides. Web
videos can help make your site more interacting and appealing to your potential

Included with Video Marketing::

  • Create relevant, compelling web videos for your website with keywords in
  • Optimize your web video for inclusion in YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc
  • Optimize your videos for search engines
  • Video length of 60 seconds



Price: $2,500.00

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