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Did Google Kill SEO as we know it ?

Contrary to popular belief, Google did not and will not ever be able to kill off modern SEO efforts. However it did do some damage to the BlackHat SEO a lot of SEO companies use for SEO rankings. SEO is basically just making sure your website follows Google’s rules of website conduct. So now the question is what is these hidden rules that Google keeps so tightly guarded. Well they are easier then you may expect to figure out.

Just create a bogus search term that’s totally original setup about 100 different websites all optimized for this bogus term and watch and record each rank increase for the next few updates. Then record the progress and now do this for the next 2 years. Keeping close eye on each change. Once you’re done you cannot help but see a strong trend in what Google prefers and what Google wants in there Top Ten.
As we said many times, SEO is not HARD it’s just VERY VERY tedious work.

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